"It's a strange 'club' to be in. But it got easier knowing others were there."

 -Robert, age 18

Apps and Chats

Each link below offers access to patients and survivors just like you, plus healthcare professionals able to discuss any challenges you are experiencing. 

The Stupid Cancer App

Chat anonymously with fellow young patients,  join in live group hangouts and chats about concerns, questions and advice. Create a profile with your own avatar and then connect with patients matching your disease, stage of disease, age, and/or city or region! Click to learn more then download the app from the App Store.


Belong is the world’s largest social network for cancer patients and caregivers. The app is free, and provides a personalized solution to help manage and fight cancer more effectively. Enjoy access to cancer experts, social networks of others with cancer,  tools to securely organize and share documents and more. Read details or download Belong today to your mobile device.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Live, weekly online chats provide a friendly forum to share experiences and chat with others about anything from the initial phase of diagnosis to treatment and survivorship. Each chat is moderated by an oncology social worker to provide support and guide conversation, as needed. Visit the official website for details about signing up.